General-purpose Rust-loosening & Lubricating Aerosol
KY New generation 9-in-1 techneology oil
Cleaning agent of the spinning machine of Chemical Fiber Plant
Atomized silicon oil for spinneret of Chemical Fiber Plant
"Psora" Removing Agent Series Products for Urban "Psora"

Energy-saving and High Efficient Metal Cutting Fluid
Multi-Functional Lubrication and Screw Loosing Aerosol
Instructions of the Multi-Functional Metal Rust Removing and Preventing Agent
Quick Paint Stripper
Carbon and Oil Cleaning Agent for Engine'

Dehydrated Film Anti-rusting Agent
The Cleaning Agent for the Electric-controlled Fueling Injection Equipment of Automobiles
Extension apparatus specific cleaning agent as well as equipment
KY mobile waste oil regenerator
Leather brightening agent
Car soft, hard wax
Car Foam-Cleaning Agent
Highly water-absorbing resin
Atomized sprayer-cleaning agent
Non-water car-cleaning series
High-efficiency adhesion preventive
Hard, soft gel wax
Cleaning Agent For Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Spray Pain And Spray Ink
Automatic water-base acrylic resin paint spraying
General-purpost rust-loosening lubricant
Metal Ultrasonic Detergent
Concrete high effective compound mould release agent
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